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Ergonomic computer chair

Large angle for more comfortable lying, 160° wide angle of recline, transforming into a bed in seconds when taking a nap, 20 keel lumbar support, flexible waist support, S-shaped curve design, close to the spine and comfortable back, wide mesh headrest, suitable for the head and neck. The adaptive linkage armrests naturally adjust according to the tilt angle and always fit the curve of the hand. The wide retractable footrest is supported by a sturdy hardware frame and can be pulled and adjusted at will to firmly support the legs. 20 keel patches support the waist at all times, imitating the human spine design, supporting the lower back at even points and dynamically relaxing the lower back. Elastic and comfortable feeling. The whole mesh wrap makes you feel more comfortable. High-elastic mesh is selected, and the fine mesh is circulated and breathable. It is flexible and comfortable, and it is comfortable and not sweaty.

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